Counterfeit (2022)

COUNTERFEIT is a short film noir comedy about an aging male method actor, in character as a hitman, who accepts a “job” from a woman at a small town bar. She’s an undercover detective playing the role of a abused wife desperate to fix her situation. 

Each of them attempts to deceive the other for their own objectives. But their cover stories quickly unravel when they meet later in his motel room, where the truth and its consequences play out in unexpected ways for both of them.

Due to the pandemic, we’ve been on an extended delay.  But now we our scheduled for a production date of November 13 & 14. There’s still time to help! Even a high-quality short requires substantial capital to pull off.   My goal is to reach the projected budget on the DSM Film page, but I’m not there yet.

This will be the LAST production by Spilled Ink Cinema — what I refer to as my mid-life crisis filmmaking venture — for many years to come.  As such, it’s the last time I’m asking for financial help from the public.  And it might be the last time I ever get to direct: unless fate smiles kindly on me with new directing opportunities.

There are two ways you could help this independent production.  

1) Contribute a tax-deductible donation through the DSM Film Society Click the link, look for donate, and designate the funds to “Counterfeit.”

2) Gift a donation to SIC Films through my paypal.  I will email you a detailed breakdown on how your gift was spent to further this production to completion.

Cast & Crew

I’m pleased to announce the following artists who are taking part in this production.  All are either from Iowa or Illinois that your contributions will help me pay for their efforts.